Meet Our Team!

You will find that we have the most caring, outgoing team in town.  We know how to help children and their families feel right at home.


Steph, RDA

Steph is a dental assistant and is very knowledgeable about all things pediatric!  She is warm and friendly and kids love her instantly.  Steph is really good at helping parents with tips and tricks to make their lives easier and keep their children’s smiles cavity-free.  Outside of the office, Steph likes to spend time with her family and her puppy, Zeus.


Taylor, RDA 

Taylor is a dental assistant and has made a great addition to our team.  She is hard-working and always has a smile on her face.  Kids love her laugh and she loves helping them feel comfortable during their appointments.  In her spare time, Taylor likes to play with her dogs, work out and hang out with her boyfriend and family.



Kailyn, front office/RDA

Kailyn helps our office run smoothly and is as skilled as she is helpful.  Kailyn likes to figure out tricky dental insurance and is great at answering questions.  Outside of the office, she is busy with her husband and their two young sons.  


Hannah, RDA

Hannah is a dental assistant and you will find that she is very patient and kind.  Her favorite part of working in a pediatric office is helping a nervous patient do something for the first time, like x-rays.  Hannah and her husband just welcomed their son in November 2020 and she is absolutely crushing it as a new mom!    


Bree, front office

Bree’s is the first smile you will see when you enter our office.  She is a bright, experienced and helpful person and has a great sense of humor! Bree has worked in the dental field for 13 years.  Bree and her husband spend their summers at the baseball field with their boys.  


Interested in joining our team? Email [email protected] for more information.