Meet Our Team!

You will find that we have the most caring, outgoing team in town.  We know how to help children and their families feel right at home.

Kayleen, RDH

Kayleen has experience both as a dental assistant and a dental hygienist.  She is bright, fun and loves to help kids learn about their oral health.  Kayleen is especially good at working with older children and helping them get motivated to brush more!  She also really enjoys helping Dr. Pelzer with our little babies who come for laser revision of lip- and tongue-ties.  Kayleen lives in Greenfield with her husband and they enjoy boating and being outdoors.

Kris, CCLS

Kris is a child life specialist which means that she has great experience in helping children and their families with procedures at the hospital.  Her skills really come in handy for our patients!  You will see Kris’s smiling face (behind a mask!) at our front desk helping you make appointments and answer your questions.  Kris lives in Indianola with her husband and four children and enjoys having fun with her family.

Steph, RDA

Steph is a dental assistant and is very knowledgeable about all things pediatric!  She is warm and friendly and kids love her instantly.  Steph is really good at helping parents with tips and tricks to make their lives easier and keep their children’s smiles cavity-free.  In her spare time, Steph likes to spend time with her boyfriend and her family.

We are searching for our next team member!  Interested candidates should email [email protected] for more information.